Tutorials - Kerzen mit Holzdocht


For this project I'm using Pro C Paraffin wax (container wax), but you can also use CB Advanced Soy wax. A wood wick trimmer is great to have, you can purchase this at any hardware store for example OBI.  
 The next step I did was to cut the Paraffin wax into smaller pieces, so I took out my cutting board.  
Since I use this cutting board to cut up food as well, I wanted to cover it with baking paper to keep the wax clean and my cutting board clean.  

These are all my supplies.

Double boiler
Large wood wick
Candle Fragrance oil
Wick trimmer
Knife to cut the wax
Pro C Paraffin wax
Cutting board with baking paper

 The jar that I'm using is 580ml, so I needed to cut about 400g of wax.  
 Time to melt the wax :-)  
 The wax is melting nicely..  
 The wood wick is too long so I'm cutting it shorter with the wick trimmer.  
 It's still abit long... but I'll cut it more later.  
 Checking out the temperature, it's over 70°C , the pouring temperature for this Pro C Paraffin wax
 is between 60-65°C so I had to wait for it to cool down to 65°C before I could add fragrance oil to it.

Now that the temperature is 65°C I added the candle fragrance oil about 6ml.


I mixed for about 10-20 seconds.  
 Then I made sure the wick is tightly on the sustainer.  
 I poured the wax into the jar...  
 Then I centered the wick in the wax.  
 I took out 2 knives to hold the wick in place, so it wouldn't fall over.  
While the pot was still warm , (not hot)  I took out the paper towels to wipe it clean from any left over wax.  
 This picture was taken 25 minutes after it was poured, the wax is starting to solidify.  

 35 minutes later the candle was ready.

 Trimming the wick again...  
Oops! I cut the wick too short, but that's ok because the wax will shrink alittle.  
 You can leave the candle as is, or put a nice ribbon around it. It makes a perfect gift!  
 My wood wick candle is ready :-)  
This picture was taken the next day, you can notice that the wax had shrunk abit, so the wick is a good size now.
Let the candle set overnight to cure the wick before burning.
When you do burn your candle, if the flame is higher then you would like it to be, then just blow the candle out and trim the wick again, that should make a smaller flame.


Thanks for reading my tutorial!